Monday, December 23, 2013

Our December

I've been neglecting this blog this month. December is busy for everyone. For me, I also have a couple days surrounding the 13th, my wedding anniversary that proves to bring about some personal reflection. But this year, one thing has overshadowed it all. 

July 31, my mom had several grand maul seizures. They said she had a stroke & we were sent home for weeks waiting for the blood to absorb from around her brain. We later heard the "c" word. My mom has brain cancer. A cancer that is very rare, treatable not curable, and will never go into remission. She had surgery in November to remove as much as they could. 

This month, she started her chemo & radiation journey. She will be on chemo for a year then on & off the rest of her life. This round of radiation is 6 weeks long. She stays at the Hope Lodge at Emory full time. So we don't see her often & it has proven to be a challenge for us all. She is handling it well though & we are very pleased with her team at Emory. 

So many have reached out though, I wanted to share our updates. 

Besides that...
Prissy finally agreed to turn 3. 
I have to explain EVERY day (sometimes multiple times a day) why we can't go see Santa again. 
I'm going to get a niece! My sister is having a baby girl in May. 
Granny & Grandpa have come in town to stay & help us out. I love having them around but Lord my child is being spoiled rotten. 
I've threatened everyone that I will stab them if there is a "baby alive" under the tree this year. Just no. 

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  1. Ohh J what awful news about your mom. It sounds like she's in good hands with her team and with you and your whole network of prayer warriors having her back.


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