Friday, January 24, 2014

Five on Friday

If you know me, you know this pattern makes my heart go pitter patter. I pretty much buy everything I see. I'm a grandma. I got a couple pieces from this set for Christmas & I am thinking I may just ask for the rest of it for my birthday. Since my mom said she is NOT getting me botox. So rude...

Last week, I tweeted about how hard 3 has been. I was having a really rough parenting day. Or week. That night, I prayed that God would just simply help me recognize and appreciate the good, to be more present in the good moments with my daughter and not carry the difficult ones with me. I know we all have difficult moments as parents, and I know that won't change, so I simply asked to be more open to the really great moments that we have. I love prayers that are answered immediately. (some may argue I should pray more for patience haha) The next morning, Aubrey Jo woke up 30 minutes before my alarm and was in the most sweet, cuddly mood. I immediate stopped and thanked Him for the extra 30 minutes to simply lay with her, cuddling, giggling and enjoying her. The next morning? Same thing- exactly 30 minutes before my alarm- awake, smiling, happy. I'm not saying 3 magically got easier. But I am saying that I haven't cried or felt like I was losing this parenting battle all week. I am saying that I can name a whole lot more really awesome moments I've had with her this week than difficult moments. I love being her mom & I love being able to see a change in her when I make a change in me!

When I saw this on the shelves yesterday, I remembered Shannon saying how much her KP enjoyed playing with it. I kind of thought it was a long shot for us, but I had a gift card so that's not real money wasted if it was a fail. Well, I would spend REAL money on this game! Aubrey Jo loooves it. I didn't even get the bags unloaded when we got home before she was trying to get into it. So I brought our pizza to the living room and decided to give it a whirl. Yall, she loved it! We played with this game for hours. Seriously, hours. Put it together, take it apart, switch cards, play again. It will probably make the short list for any little girls' birthday parties we attend.

I mentioned on another 5onFri post a while back about being stuck on the apologies in my Divorce 12 step. I still am really bummed that some of the apologies I put out there weren't reciprocated, or even accepted, in fact the were complete ignored as though that part of the conversation wasn't even heard. I am really excited though about the peace that others have brought. Two in particular, were people I was friends with before then went to not speaking at all (missing marriages, children, all kinds of big things I wish we could have shared) and now we are slowly but surely rebuilding. We are communicating almost daily. It's so nice. And, beyond that, after humbling myself enough to be honest and make real apologies, it is easier now to apologize just day to day for the smaller things. I still have a long way to go in that department, but we can't be perfect and I don't strive to be.

Because I haven't blogged since this glorious moment (=

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  1. That tea set is oh so lovely! I might've just daydreamed about having a daughter one day and having that in her room somewhere. EEEEEK! Oops! ;)

    Happy weekend!! xx


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