Friday, February 7, 2014

Five on Friday

My phone decided to go for a swim yesterday. The rice trick didn't work. It was kind of a final straw and I may or may not have lost it a little bit. I guess that's what I get for saying how much I loved my iPhone 4 and had no need to upgrade... wah wah wah

This? Yep... it needs to be in my closet. These too. Instagram is the devil to my will power. I can't log on without being reminded of all the things I need want... no, need. (ha) I guess it's a saving grace to be without my phone for a while (sarcasm font)

Parenting aint easy yall. I wish I was better sometimes, I wish I was more prepared sometimes, and I wish I had the answer ALL the time. I seriously reminded Aubrey Jo yesterday that Santa was watching and I was going to be telling him exactly what happened. You guys... it's February, we have 10 months until that threat should work.. but it did. Miss thang got herself in line real quick and in a hurry. Today she asked me if I could call Santa and tell him she's a good girl. Haha you got it, babe.

We met friends for dinner last week. Three year olds are hard to wrangle into a pretty posed photo. This one though cracked me up. Girlfriend better get used to that look from men ;)

Aubrey Jo picked out some Valentines the other day at Target. Since she isn't in school, we decided to mail them to some of her friends. I've loved seeing the reactions from them & it makes Aubrey Jo so happy to send things and get the happy videos/pics later. I love that little things like that make her smile so big. Yall watch those mail boxes because she is on a roll ;)


  1. Love the idea of mailing valentine's out. I may have to borrow that idea for my little one to do this week!


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