Friday, February 21, 2014

My Favorite Birthday Tradition

My grandpa and I were born 50 years and 1 week apart. Every year, without fail, we have a joint cake and celebrate together. It is always low key (this year in our pajamas even) just dinner and cake. It's my favorite tradition. No pressure, no stress, just us eating cake and demanding everyone serve our every whim enjoying the company of our family.

Granny & Grandpa were in town this week anyways for my mom's 4-week scans so after her appointment, we stopped at Longhorn for dinner then came home to eat our cake.

We have this same photo together every year for, now, 26 years together. My actual birthday is Sunday, but with this dinner, I feel like it's official... I can say I'm 26!

I'm not sure anyone appreciates this tradition as much as this girl though. She was pretty sure it was all for her.

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