Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Proper Goodbye

In my family, there are hugs & kisses for every hello, goodnight & good-bye. Sometimes we get busy though, our arms are full, we are running late, or frankly, we are just annoyed. 

I remember an interview Jaycee Dugard's mom gave after she was found. She said she went in & kissed her kids goodbye every morning before work. That day though, life got in the way & she rushed out the door without proper goodbyes. She never imagined it would be EIGHTEEN YEARS before she saw her sweet girl again. Can you imagine? She said she had been late to work too many times & was just in a rush. I would bet she would be willing to have lost that job 10 times over to be able to go back & give Jaycee a hug and kiss that morning. 

It stuck with me. I think about it EVERY TIME I leave Aubrey Jo. 

Loving your child & wanting to give them extra hugs & kisses isn't the hard part though. The lesson I have to learn is one of patience. I'm like a broken record sometimes, "hurry up. We're going to be late. Let's go. What are you doing? Put your shoes on... now! Get in the car." I hate to be late. I hate to repeat myself. 

I like to give myself around 20 minutes to get to dance class. Last week, at 15 minutes til, I was still frantically ordering her to find her shoes. By 10 til, we are getting in the car. I get her buckled, get myself in, and shift into reverse... About that time, she remembers she didn't give Mimi & Papa a goodbye kiss. She reminds me they will cry if they don't kiss her. 

I have a choice. Tell her she can kiss them when we get back & haul butt to dance, sneaking in before she misses too much OR put it back in park, go around, unload her, let her go back inside, give proper goodbyes, then load her back in again, missing more than just a little.

I'd like to say the choice was easy... It was not. 

What would the other moms think? "That Aubrey Jo's mom can't get it together & make it to class on time like the rest of us. She must be irresponsible/ unorganized. What a terrible example she's setting." What would her coach think? "Aubrey Jo's mom doesn't respect me and my time. She thinks she doesn't have to follow the rules. She doesn't appreciate the work I am doing with her child."

I ended up putting it back in park and waiting "patiently" while she said her goodbyes- goodbyes that seemed to take muuuuch longer than absolutely necessary. Because as much as I hate the thought of teaching her it's OK to be late, I hate even more the thought of teaching her it's OK to skip a proper goodbye. 

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  1. Love this! You're a great mother and anyone who can't see that is just silly! Xo


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