Friday, March 14, 2014

I Missed It

I had the opportunity to meet my (almost ex) SIL's new twin baby girls. They're precious. All babies are, but they come in double. Holding them, inhaling their sweet smell, my ovaries were hysterical. 

One of them remind me so much of a certain prissy girl I used to cradle each day. Even her yawn. She yawned & stretched and reminded me of one of my favorite things about infants: the stretch. You know the one- pouted lips, squinted eyes, arched back & stretched arms. Little bitty fists that just barely reach higher than their ears. Remember that stretch? Oh, I do. 

When I got home that night, my toddler came running to greet me. She nearly knocked me down when she crashed into me with kisses. 

Then it happened. 
I lost it. 

When I stood up, she stood in front of me and hugged me. Hugged me. Like, wrapped her arms around me. Those same arms that used to barely stretch up beyond her ears? Now they wrap all the way around her mama. And when I try to break free, she grabs her hands and holds tight. 

Y'all. Her arms are long enough now to wrap around my waist and touch behind my back. 

When did this happen? I didn't even notice. I missed it. 

I'm taking a few extra minutes to memorize every single thing about her. It all changes so fast...

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