Thursday, May 29, 2014

20 Days

It's been 20 days since my divorce. I thought I would be sitting here dwelling on the end. I thought that having it be final would make everything surface like I was back at the beginning where I was 2 years ago. 

And maybe I would have. EXCEPT! God came through for me. In less than an hour of walking out of the courthouse, I got the very exciting news that I am an auntie again!

My first niece, Parker Joelle, was born May 9th. I forgot I was having a bad day as I fell in love with her. Completely totally in love. 

Less than a year ago, we didn't know if my mama would be here the next day, much less to meet her 3rd grandchild. This picture is so special. I pray she is still around to hold each of my children as well. 

Prissy is pretty smitten with her too and loved to play / sing her to sleep. 

And just like that, the one that made me an Auntie, sweet baby Anderson as we call him, is a big brother and looks so much older!

My heart is so full and happy. I have no time to linger on all the bad when I have so.much.good!

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