Friday, May 2, 2014

Go Away

It has to be said. Go away ... 

Pom Poms are great. Everyone loves florals. I have no problem with shorts. But seriously? These are awful. So very bad. Y'all, stop wearing these. The cut is an awful vagina frame. Who wants that much attention on your business? It's not cute. Go away!

Even if you wear the stupid vagina shorts, I think we are all on the same page about this. Pooping toys? No. Dogs, babies, chickens and pigs on keychains- they all poop. I'm sick to death of poop. Go away!

I know I'm just being moody now. But come on. I grew up on the world's most beautiful beaches. Sand happens. This is just 1 more annoying thing to keep up with. Also? The "keep calm" thing... Can we be done with it too? Go away!

Let's talk about it. I know I'm forgetting a million things that need to go away. What else are you so not in the mood for?


  1. Haha! The first thing I thought when this post opened up was "I love those shorts!" And I was hoping there would be a link to buy! LOL

  2. Those shorts are totally VAGINA CURTAINS! No likey!

    I'm so over the damn Keep Calm stuff... ugh!

  3. Those shorts are hideous! Wonder how those sales are going.

    The poo toys are gross. What is it with kids and thinking poo is hilarious? I'm not even going to lie... Kaylee thinks poo anything is the funniest thing in the world! I don't get it. lol


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