Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May: Brain Cancer Awareness Month

You all know my mom has brain cancer. Right now, there is no cure, she is treating it but we know that we will not get to use words like "healed, remission, cured". She is strong, stronger than I am.

I will be honest, before her diagnosis, we knew very little about the type of tumor she has. In fact, I still find myself overhwhelmed with information. There are so many variables and different types that it really is hard to put it in a nice little bow and "sum it up" in simple terms.

I encourage you to educate yourself though. Pay attention to your body, don't waste time, don't hesitate to call a doctor, or even 9-1-1 if something feels "off".

Photo: Did you know May is Brain Cancer Awareness month? My mom is still fighting the fight & we are selling these bracelets for $3 (shipped) in her honor. All $$ will go towards her bill at Emory. If you would like one, Email Facebook Twitter or comment here with your paypal email. It's a simple gray band with her name & ribbon on it.

To donate to my mom directly-
or Email Me

During treatments, my mom stayed at the Winn Dixie Hope Lodge in Atlanta. This facility runs solely on donations and is a literal life saver to so many people from all over the WORLD! This is where we are directing our donations from now on.

To donate to the NBTS in a fight for a cure. Go here.

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