Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Go Away

I feel like this is a topic worth revisiting. 

"Cheeky" wedding photos
Stop it. For the love, please stop. It's not cute. Or funny. Why? Aren't wedding photos supposed to be beautiful timeless treasures you can look back on and one day share with your children (and grandchildren)? Can we please shut this trend down? Shut.it.down!

Couples using Facebook for what should be texted. 
Again I have to ask ... Why? Who are you trying to convince? I just assume your relationship is in trouble. It's unnecessary. 

Not of the lovely redhead variety. But rather the disgusting destroyer of perfectly good juice. I've been trying to get back in my routine of regular juicing and get SO pissed when I buy a juice & realize later it is laced with ginger. it's so gross. I thought carrots were the worse. Nope. It's ginger. 

What are you wishing would just go away?


  1. Plain and simple... the Kardashians.

    I have to say that first wedding photo made me laugh my ass off - but I agree not really for "children's eyes" or timeless. I can see doing this for rehearsal dinner or something fun better yet Bachelorette party... that's where it would be appropriate. Then again if my ass looked like theirs i might flash it too ;) haha

    Ugh Couple Facebook chatter...annoying... more annoying COUPLES WITH JOINT FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS. I mean really? It's either a trust thing, or it's because the hubby is too lazy to be on Facebook, in which case just don't let him be on Facebook, ya know?

    Ginger - I have to disagree only because I love the stuff - my husband hates it, so I totally get it. It's like Kale, sooner or later they will stop making stuff with BUZZ worthy ingredients and you'll be back to Ginger free Juice. I realized I hate kale... tried it many times and hate it every time. I'm just not into it. You want to trade me Kale for Ginger?

  2. I miss your GO AWAY posts. You always say the things I wish I could. ha ha ha ha


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