Monday, July 28, 2014

Mommy Monday

There are a few moms I have friended through social media. We interact daily. I brag on their parenting. I wish I parented more like them in certain areas. In my next life, I wouldn't mind coming back as their kid. Recently, someone commented they feel that way about me. It made me laugh ... I mean, thanks! My kid is pretty awesome in my opinion & I do my very best. But sometimes, y'all, it's messy over here. And I don't just mean that war zone bedroom that I can't even remember what the carpet looks like or her face that forever has food, smeared makeup or dirt on it. 

Let's get real ...

Just this morning, she told me she is too cute to clean her room. I should have sat her down & taught her a lesson about beauty from the inside, how a pretty face is fleeting, cleanliness is godliness, remaining humble .... any of the above would have been better than the laughter and shoulder shrug she got as I walked out of her room to get another cup of coffee. 

At dinner on Saturday, I let her sit and spread butter on a roll I knew she wouldn't eat. The whole serving of butter they brought the table. On one roll. She wasted food. Other kids are going hungry. She doesn't know that, I didn't tell her that. I just wanted to take a couple bites uninterrupted. She did offer the doctor MY last Reese's cup the other day though so I'm sure if she knew about those kids, she would have offered them her dinner roll. That counts for something, right?

Sometimes I let her count swimming as a bath because I really just want to crash too & we can wash her AND the sheets tomorrow ....

I recently told her to take something to her room. She said "no" when I asked "what do you mean no?" She simply corrected "no ma'am" ... I could have told her that she doesn't get to tell me no & teach her about manners. Instead, I took it myself and mumbled under my breath the whole time. 

She also told me earlier this month that her hands are tired but her tummy isn't so I need to feed her the rest of her meal. I could have talked to her about princess behavior or laziness or independence. I didn't. I fed her the whole meal ... And a second helping too. 

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