Saturday, July 12, 2014

Phone Over Baby?

I'm going to punch someone. I'm serious. The next person that posts advice or article links to help me remember my child in the car is going to get throat punched. 

If I will forget MY CHILD in the back seat, you think I would remember my phone? Or wallet? Or crack pipe? Gimme a break. Don't tell me to "put something important in the back seat" so I will be forced to turn around & realize "oh shit, that toddler followed me to Target again!" SHE is the "something important" that forces me to remember to grab my purse sitting at her feet. 

You're probably the same people that argued Casey Anthony's innocence. 

It is awfully sad when I hear about children dying in hot cars each summer. It's reckless and devastating. But at the same time, it's offensive to suggest that I'm capable of leaving my child in the car but wouldn't even consider getting out of my car without my iphone. Like that's the end all be all. Let's also not forget, these aren't always "accidents" that could have been prevented. I realize we moms (and dads) complain about being overwhelmed sometimes. But I swear ... Forgetting our kid in the car isn't nearly as common as forgetting to put on a bra. 

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