Friday, September 19, 2014

Go Away

I was actually going to do a "Friday Favorites" post. But the first thing I was going to talk about was this bag then I got pissed off at myself. So instead, "go away" it is!
This damn clutch is filling my Pinterest and Instagram feeds. But, seriously? I cannot do $200+ for a bag WITH NO HANDLES! I am with a toddler 90% of the time and need both hands. Even my "date nights" now, it's been a couple months and I don't mind saying "I don't want to wear real pants, let's order in and get Netflix" haha BUT! That rare occasion where I want to look cute and go out without the kid, I would love this little number. I'm not going to pay that though, so .... Go Away!!

The only thing more annoying than pumpkin spice everything is the ANTI pumpkin spice everything posts. Let those girls enjoy their uggs, yoga pants, top knots, over-priced clutches, and pumpkin spice lattes, cookies, breakfast layer bars and whatever else. Just wait until the red cup selfies start. That's the real fun. 

Ok, Taylor, I see you with your cute short hair. It's hard to keep reminding myself though that MY hair will not look like YOUR hair if I chop it off. The temptation is becoming too much though. I need you to go away & come back with a mess on that head like the good old days. Mk? Thanks. 

The Grande's. Both of them. Enough. Go away. I'm over you. Annoying. 

What else am I forgetting, what do you wish would GO AWAY?

1 comment:

  1. Wait, there's a second Grande? I already thought the ponytail one was annoying enough.


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